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Town of Farmington
 Parks & Recreation Department
Community Center Rental Rates
Gymnasium                                       Dance Capacity - 345
Recreational Activities  -  $ 20/hr. ($ 16/hr. if scheduling request exceeds 20 hours) An additional $ 10/hr. will be added to this cost for activities that are determined to need a staff supervisor.
Wedding Receptions/Private Parties (Includes use of Kitchen if necessary) supervisor provided - 4 hour event,  no charge for preceding day set up or decoration (No damage deposit necessary - financial culpability explained any damage repair costs are the responsibility of the renter) Resident $ 150     Non-Resident $ 200      $ 25 for each additional hour
Dances - 4 hour event - security required - minimum of two officers, arranged by renter through Chief of Police - Mixed Drinks and tap beer only through certified caterers, no BYOB Damage Deposit   $ 200  (if no damage occurs this money will be returned). Also, any repair costs exceeding $ 200 shall also be the responsibility of the renter.
Charitable in town organizations $ 175     Charitable out of town organizations $ 225     For Profit private individuals or organizations      $ 250 plus 15% of the door
Special Events - $200 damage deposit (same terms apply as stated above). In town   $ 30 per hour or  $ 225 per day    Out of town $ 35 per hour  or  $ 260 per day

Downstairs - (Rec Room)              Dance Capacity - 65
Private Parties (includes use of Kitchen if necessary) $ 20.00 per hour with a staff supervisor.

Please contact the Recreation Department for more information.
Updated September 1, 2013
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