Advisories and Notices


Winter Roads 

PARKING BAN - The Town of Farmington has a Parking Ban in town between November 15th and April 15th. Main Street bans parking between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am. On other in-town streets the ban is between the hours of midnight and 6 am. This includes the public parking areas. These bans are necessary to keep streets clear of vehicles so the streets can be plowed and sanded and the sidewalks cleared in the event of a snow storm. For more specifics, see Section 12-3.9 in Farmington’s Traffic Ordinance Publication.

Click here to download the complete Public Works Winter Roads Operating Proceedure.

New Monthly Bus service to rangelely

Beginning Tuesday, December 12th there will be a public bus service running between Rangeley, Phillips, Strong, and Farmington every 2nd Tuesday of the month.  Click here for more information or call 800-393-9335.  

Waltons Mill Dam

Click here for a link to the draft of the Walton's Mill Dam Feasibility Report by Wright-Pierce Engineering.  

Click here to view a PDF of the Walton's Mill Dam.

The Town of Farmington is accepting bids for the mowing and general maintenance of fourteen outlying cemeteries and two non-cemetery municipal lots.

Click here for more information.

Mt. Blue Regional School District Superintendent Search

The Mt. Blue RSD Board Superintendent Search Committee will be assembling an interview panel in the hiring process of the new Mt. Blue RSD superintendent.  Click here to download a PDF on the interview panel process.  Click here if you would like to download a PDF survey.

maine science festival

The Town of Farmington has proclaimed March as Science Month.  Click here to download the PDF proclamation.

The 2018 Maine Science Festival (MSF) is a four day (March 15-18) celebration of the science, engineering, mathematics and technology happening in Maine every day.  The MSF is held in Bangor and brings together Maine’s premier, nationally renowned science organizations for an exploration of science via include forums, hands-on activities, workshops, exhibits, and films.  Click here for a link to their schedule of events.


The Town of Farmington is now accepting credit and debit card payments in person at the Municipal Building during regular business hours.  Please note that a convenience fee of 2.5% will be added to each transaction.  We hope that you find this service convenient and useful in your future transactions with the Town of Farmington.


MDOT is currently working on estimating a highway safety project at the Wilton/Farmington town line.  Click here for further information.

MDOT is currently estimating a Highway Preservation project on Route 2.  Click here for further information.

MDOT is currently estimating a highway rehabilitation project on Route 4.  Click here for further information.


The United Way of the Tri-Valley Area has convened a group of representatives from various organizations and individuals to provide information of where to access resources due to layoffs at the Androscoggin Mill in Jay.  Click here to download the PDF for further information.  

 Maine's Unclaimed Property Program

Unclaimed Property consists of money and other personal assets that are considered lost or abandoned when an owner cannot be located after a specified period of time. Unclaimed Property does not include real estate, animals or vehicles.

You can search the Treasurer's Unclaimed Property List at

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