Safety Committee


In 1986, the Safety Committee was formed with the goal to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all Town employees.  The program policy was written, with guidance from the Maine Municipal Association (MMA) and Maine Bureau of Labor Standards, to maintain and continually improve on the work environment, and encourage employees to develop safe work habits.  The Committee assesses safety needs, discusses departmental training, investigates workplace accidents, and makes recommendations to correct potential safety deficiencies.  Eligibility for safety grants and lowering of the workers compensation rate are just some of the benefits this committee provides.  The Committee meets the second Wednesday every two months.




Matthew Foster – Chairman

Tim D. Hardy – Vice Chairman

Cindy Gelinas – Secretary

Town Manager

Leanne Dickey

S. Clyde Ross

Timothy A. Hardy

Scott Baxter

Ken Charles

Shane Cote

Philip Hutchins

Jim Kiernan

Steve Millett

Selectmen (Rotation)



Parks and Recreation

Fire Rescue

Code Enforcement

Administration/Town Manager


Fire Rescue

Fire Rescue

Fire Rescue



Public Works

Public Works

Waste Water



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