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Front L to R – Canine Officer Axle, Officer Michael Lyman, Officer Kevin Lemay, SRO Bridgette Gilbert. Sgt. Edward Hastings IV

Middle L to R – Deputy Chief Shane Cote, Police Chief Jack Peck, Jr. Officer Brandon Sholan, Office Manager Bonnie Pomeroy, Detective Marc Bowering

Back L to R – Sgt. Michael Adcock, Patrolman Darin Gilbert, Officer Jesse Clement, Officer Ryan Rosie, Officer Jacob Richards

Absent from photo:  Parking Enforcement Drew Holston, Animal Control Officer Dexter Bridges, Crossing Guard Robert Hallman, and part-time secretaries Stephan Bunker, Kyle Ellis, and Tyler Richards.



Farmington Police Department Mission Statement:

"To create a feeling of safety for the people within the Town of Farmington."


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