Fire Chief Timothy D. Hardy


TD Hardy2

Chief Timothy D. Hardy

Chief Hardy has worked for the Farmington Fire Department for 25 years.  He is a 1997 graduate of Mt. Blue High School.  He holds the following certifications: Certified Firefighter 1 and 2 (Maine State Fire Academy), Fire Officer 1 and 2 (Maine Fire Service Institute), Fire Instructor (Maine Fire Institute), Licensed Emergency Medical Technician (Maine EMS), Fire Inspector 1 (National Fire Protection Association), and Rescue Systems 1 (New Hampshire Fire Academy). Chief Hardy currently serves as the Training Coordinator for the Franklin County Firemen’s Association. 

Chief Hardy has served as Firefighter, Senior Fire Instructor, Captain, Fire Chief (Livermore Falls), and Emergency Medical Technician (Northstar EMS).  He has served as Interim Fire Chief in Farmington for the past eight months.

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