What to Recycle


Ø Newspapers and magazines
Ø Corrugated Cardboard
Ø High Grade Paper
Ø Mixed Paper
Ø Glass Containers
Ø Colored HDPE (#2) Plastics – Bottles
Ø Natural HDPE (#2) Plastics – Bottles
Ø Steel Cans (tin cans)
Ø Aluminum
Ø Compost
Ø Fluorescent Bulbs (Residences only)
Ø Mercury Containing Products (Residences only)
Ø Batteries
Ø Tires - Antifreeze - White Goods - Waste Oil (Place in designated areas)

The Town of Farmington does not accept household trash.  Local haulers may provide curbside pick up for trash and recyclables.

AVCOG schedules Regional One-Day Collections of Household Hazardous Waste. Click here for the link to their website.

Maine has passed laws that require producer-funded recycling of computer monitors, televisions, batteries, mercury thermostats, and cell phones that contain lead, mercury, and other chemicals harmful to the environment and human health.  Since 2008, the state began requiring man T    ufacturers to provide a $5 incentive for each returned thermostat and share the responsibility for the safe collection and recycling or disposal of their products and packaging.  Click here to read more about what the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM) is doing to promote the safe recycling of hazardous materials. http: 


Swap Shop

The “Swap Shop” is open at Farmington’s Solid Waste/Recycling Facility for Farmington residents and non-resident property owners to drop off items that still have life in them for use by others.  See the hours of operation for scheduled times.  A partial list of “Acceptable Items” and “Items Not Accepted” are as follows: 

ACCEPTABLE ITEMS:  Housewares in working order, sporting goods, small appliances, toys in good condition (no loose or broken parts, tools, etc. 

ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED:  Clothing, upholstered furniture, TV’s, mattresses, refrigerators, etc.

For a complete list of items and/or more information, please contact Philip Hutchins, Public Works Director at (207) 778-2191.

"THANK YOU FOR RECYCLING - Everything Deserves a Second Chance!"

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